Casa Belgrado is a creative space for research and experimentation in the disciplines of contemporary art, including performance, dance, theater, sonic performance, film, and multimedia disciplines. Our interest is to generate dialogue and exchange. We create a space where diverse artistic meetings converge and there is the potential to expand and align divergent creative energies. We embrace the cross roads and experiences of composition and performance in the contemporary context that views art as post discipline. Our space also functions as a rehearsal space, a place for workshops, intensives, festivals, and a performance space.

Belgrado is a place for creation and research linked to contemporary visual and performing arts and their possible juxtapositions. We are interested in opening dialogues and creating artistic exchange.

     Belgrado is in the neighborhood of Balvanera in Buenos Aires. It ́s a Victorian styled house built in the turn of the 20th century, 600 squared meters of space designed in a robust European style, with large living rooms that have high ceilings, wooden floors, wood-burning fireplaces, and a rooftop terrace of 300 squared meters that make the space stand out for its aesthetic appeal and architectural design.

     We believe in the importance of working with artists, managers and cultural centers in Argentina and internationally to establish an international network that is aligned contextually and politically within this political and aesthetic frame of reference. We are a center that mobilize bodies, interests, thoughts and actions.