Belgrado´s Shop-Window.

Atelier, exhibition and artistic intervention.




      Located at the center of Buenos Aires city, on Belgrano Avenue, a busy avenue with many buses passing in front of it,  near to parks, supermarkets, hospital, metro and train stations which bring many pedestrians who walk by the venue.


      Belgrado´s Shop-Window, used to be a furniture shop at the ground floor of our house, located in the neighbourhood of Balvanera, in an area traditionally known for being a commercial district, specialized in furniture and mattresses.


      By the end of 2019, Espacio Belgrado starts to use this shop as an artistic workspace, focused on  workshops and exhibitions.


      We consider Belgrado´s Shopwindow as a device for artistic experimentation, intervention, and dialogue with the territory, an open window to the neighborhood. Due to its location and amount of people passing by, we aim for the projects which take place at Belgrado´s Shopwindow to connect actively with the neighbors and all the pedestrians who pass by.


Belgrado’s Shop-window has 3 rooms  with the following features:


  • Room 1: Shop-window to the street with carpet floor of 5,25m x 4,25m (22m2)

  • Room 2: Exhibition work-space with carpet floor of 3,90m x 5,85m (30m2)

  • Room 3: Workshop with microtopping floor of 5,92m x 5,10m (30m2)


      Among the possible activities to do in the space we consider book presentations, exhibitions, works clinic, panel discussions. The workshop for artists are considered a permanent part of the uses of the space.