El Taller de Arte Continuo (TAC) (The Continuous Art Workshop) and Casa Belgrado, in collaboration with Arte Bajo Cero, open their annual program of the "Southern Hemisphere International Artistic Residence", with the aim of encouraging contemporary artistic practices that allow developing creative proposals. We seek to create exchange spaces between foreign artists and the local community, to enable crossings between the production process of the work of residents with the experience of their stay within the cultural center of the city of Buenos Aires.

Our residency program is born with the aim of proposing and developing spaces of thought, action and meeting of national and foreign artists, of encourage the production of projects and the research processes crossed by the change of context and coexistence.


We believe in the value of dialogue and exchange, not only in the creative process and the play construction, but also in the re-actualization of our own subjectivities, affects and powers through the collective. 


The residence offers an open program on dates to be coordinated for a period of one month (consult for other options). At the closing of the residence it is suggested to make a presentation-exhibition and/or workshop.


We invite all creators who work within the field of visual arts and artistic combined languages to present their proposals with a free thematic, who wish to reflect on art and its role in society, with a view from the "SOUTH Hemisphere".