Diana Delgado 🇲🇽


Julio - Agosto 2019

Diana Delgado is a Mexican artist, who came to Buenos Aires to work in residence at Casa Belgrado in order to research and work on the concepts of Expanded Scene, Composition, Memory and Urban Tissue, within the framework of the residence and together with Florencia Firvida

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Teresa Murphy 🇺🇸


Junio 2019

Teresa is the first resident of the Southern Hemisphere program. During a month she developed a double project of ethnomusicology and musical composition. She collaborated with the Chilean painter Julio Gaete, composing from his volcano paintings. She presented a repertoire of Venezuelan music with the cuatrista Freimer Reyes at TAC. and established a contact with the choir of the University of La Plata that presented one of her pieces at the Art Museum of La Plata.


Elilson 🇧🇷

Marzo 2019

Elilson chose Espacio Belgrado to work during his residency organized through R.A.R.O. His visit to Buenos Aires occurred thanks to the agreement with the Tomie Ohtake Institute. Elilson's work focuses on generating actions in the public space, relating politically and emotionally to the city and its inhabitants. “Arte Panfletaria” was a 7-hour walk from the Once neighborhood to Florida Street, collecting all the flyers that people gave us on the street. In this journey, Elilson connects with the people who deliver them, generally immigrants, who find in him someone to talk to. After their talk, they themselves choose a place in their clothing to leave the remaining pamphlet as a record of the action. Maria Heller was the tutor of his project in our space.

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Colectivo Per sé 🇨🇴🇦🇷

Abril - Junio 2019

Colectivo Per Sé is an interdisciplinary group of performing arts founded in 2014 by artists from the Colombian and Argentine scene. It is characterized by the search for vital and powerful interpretations, for directing an energetic communication with the public, for investigating the complex contemporary reality with an emphasis on Latin America, for the hybridization of artistic disciplines and for constant experimentation on aesthetic and methodological levels. therefore, each PerSé proposal constitutes its own compositional and conceptual logic. 

During the period of residence in Belgrado they worked Escena Trashumante, a project that ended up being produced and shown in Bogotá, Colombia