Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira (Chile).

Octubre 2018

The chilean artist Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira worked in residency during a month in Belgrado House, in wich he developed his investigation around human migrations. In particular, he worked on recent migration in Argentina, conducting intreviews with different people to constitute the material to assembly his personal exhibition in November at the CCMATTA of the chilean embassy in Argentina.


Marco Norzagaray (México)


Octubre - Noviembre 2018

As part of his Performing Creators Scholarship 2017 of FONCA (Mexico), Marco Norzagaray develops in Belgrado the final part of the stage creation laboratory for his documentary theater piece "Estación Naranjo". This period comprehends the research to give final form to the text and the stage setting work. Before the premiere of the piece at the Paco Urondo Cultural Center, the artist proposes a session open to the public in the Belgrado space as a "Work in progress".


Payam Mofidi (Irán)

Octubre 2018

Iranian artist that came invited with the support of PANAL 361 and worked on both spaces. He developed his research and offered to the artistic community some workshops related with video instalations.


Samadi Valcarcel (Bolivia)

Agosto - Octubre 2018

Bolivian interdisciplinary artist who works in the crossing of scenic languages. During her residency in Belgrado, she works on hes project "LISTENING TO RADIOHEAD I SPIT MY HEART". In a collaborative practice, with 5 directors of different nationalities and stage practices, they merged their poetics to build a hybrid of artistic combinations. 

In Belgrade, the aim was to investigate the different ways of how to lose the human form and work with the object, in addition to promoting a meeting space between the various directors who experimented with space, image, object and word.

justine directora.jpg

Justine Haye (Francia)

Agosto - Diciembre 2018

Director, actress and theater teacher. She developed an artistic residency at Casa Belgrado, researching on gender and questioning the taboo of women’s violence in her new creation. In October she did a workshop on “Theater of the opressed”, wich was mainly in Belgrado, with its final sample in the French Alliance of Buenos Aires. In November she directed a dramatized reading in the Tejiendo Redes project, an artistic project dedicated to promoting the female presence in the stage.


Felipe Vergara Catalán (Chile)

Septiembre 2018

Chilean theater director and playwright who stayed for a week offering a workshop for actors who wanted to delve into the “Theater of immersion”


Juan Miceli (Argentina)

Agosto - Septiembre 2018

Within the framework of the Archi-Piel-Lago Festival, the artist Juan Miceli spent two months continuing his research for his video installation on movement “La Estafa de la Forma: Innombrable”.    

The residence is proposed as a way to delve into territories of audiovisual and performatic exploration. The scam of the form: unmentionable (LEF: i) is a live, interactive and multi-screen video installation, a dance floor and a meeting point that questions and action the idea of ​​reality and formats and how it is built and supported in devices and vision formats that take different forms in different contexts (VHS, miniDV, slides, VR, etc.).


Daniel Jesús Díaz (Ramirez Neira) (Chile)

Marzo - Abril 2018

Within the framework of the open call for the "Fronteras Vivas" residence that was made for Chilean artists and with the support of the CCMATTA of the Chilean Embassy in Argentina, Díaz worked for a month on a literary musical piece that rescued the value of the border as a point of union rather than division, which was complemented by a staging, which was presented in the CCMATTA auditorium.