In the frame of the R.A.R.O residencies, the artist Lucía Gonzalez worked on Belgrado researching her performance, exploring new materials, body and movement with the Belgrado team. 

Lucía Gonzalez Gaitán (Colombia)

Octubre 2017

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-28 a la(s) 1

In the framework of the Archi-piel-lago 2017 festival, the venezuelan artist Vanessa Vargas developed a micro residency working in her work “Becoming Invisible”

Vanessa Vargas (Venezuela)

Octubre 2017


For 2 months, the playwright and theater director was investigating and working on his play "My body is a cell", a work that investigates the body and communicational technological devices, work that is also the research thesis of his master of languages Combined from the National University of the Arts.


Pablo Roldán (Ecuador)

Septiembre 2016

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